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Using hippo hide sjamboks will almost always result in what looks like wrapping, except if it’s a very small implement. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

· Hippopotamuses are among the animals with the thickest skin in the world, along with elephants and rhinoceroses. Besides its thickness, it’s also very dense and quite hard. Because of these reasons, it’s a very heavy leather and the implements made from it, are heavy.

· The average 1 metre long hippo hide sjambok will weigh between approximately 1 kilogram and 1,5 kilograms. Compare that to the average weight of a 1 metre long cane - approximately 40 grams to 100 grams, depending on the thickness of the cane and the type of cane.

· During use, the weight of the sjambok will drag the arm wielding it, forward and over. For this reason, I stand much further back from the target (recipient’s bum), than I would when using a cane.

· During use, the speed of the sjambok and its heaviness upon hitting the target will flatten the bum completely, resulting in much longer stripes/markings than a cane.

· The sjambok therefore gives much better length coverage of the bum than canes and it wraps much easier, especially if the tip is flexible.


Mistress Baton

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