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If you are looking for the ultimate disciplinarian then look no further.

 A visit to Mistress Baton is an unforgettable experience.

I can honestly say that she is one of most centered, beautiful and wise people I have ever met. One feels entirely safe in her presence, which means that one can concentrate on suffering, processing, understanding and accepting the pain she inflicts with her strokes; and they can be very severe should you choose. Her professionalism and ethics ensure that you can go more deeply into role play than you could have dreamed of. Encased in such a confident and happy disposition, her sadism is so natural and innate, it feels instinctive to submit to her for punishment, and you end up wondering why this has not yet become the default mainstream position for us all.

Mistress Baton is to be respected, a true treasure for our polite society.


Mr Anonymous

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